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Fiber Roll-out in the Netherlands, paneldiscussie op ANGACOM 2024

NLconnect Room 2, Congress Center North, Kölnmesse 15-05-2024 14:30 - 15:30 iCal
Fiber Roll-out in the Netherlands, paneldiscussie op ANGACOM 2024

Op woensdag 15 mei organiseert NLconnect op ANGACOM een paneldiscussie over de uitrol van glasvezel in Nederland: wat is de status en wat kunnen we de komende tijd verwachten op het vlak van glasvezel? De paneldiscussie is onderdeel van het Technology Track van het conferentieprogramma van ANGACOM in Keulen.

Onder leiding van moderator Edwin Bijl (Fiber Crew) vormen Mathieu Andriessen (NLconnect), Marco Boerman (Allinq), Jeroen Meuleman (Geuzenet), Arnoud de Ridder (TINC/ GlasDraad) en Anco Scholte ter Horst (Freedom internet) het panel.

Komen er de komende tijd veel dubbele aansluitingen of gaat de markt verder consolideren? Welke uitdagingen liggen er in nieuwbouw, de beheerfase van FttH en op de zakelijke markt? Hoeveel na-aansluitingen moeten er nog worden gerealiseerd en hoe kan de markt dat het beste aanpakken? Hoe kan de markt verder verduurzamen? Wat is het onderscheidend vermogen van providers? En wat doen we met de laatste 19.000 adressen? Deze en andere vragen passeren de revue in de paneldiscussie.

Mathieu Andriessen (NLconnect)
Mathieu Andriessen (NLconnect)

Mathieu Andriessen has a Master in Public Administration from Leiden University and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Since 2017 he has been Managing Director of NLconnect, the trade association of the Dutch fiber optic and broadband industry. Mathieu also chairs the FttX Certification foundation, the industry-wide certification scheme for fiber professionals in the Netherlands. Previously, he was successively senior public affairs manager and managing director of NLkabel, the former trade association of the Dutch cable industry. He also worked in the field of telecoms, copyright and broadcast media and IT policy for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the right-liberal party in Dutch Parliament.

Edwin Bijl  (Fiber Crew)
Edwin Bijl (Fiber Crew)

Edwin Bijl is quartermaster for the independent Dutch fiber operator Fiber Crew. Fiber Crew is an emerging independent Dutch fiber optic provider with a rapidly growing fiber optic network. Pushing for independence, Fiber Crew is opening its network for Dutch service providers such as Freedom, Fiber NL, Jonaz and Netrebel, offering services for every individual. Edwin has been in the telecoms, It and ICT industry for almost 30 years in business development and is also active as ambassador in the UN SmartCity & SDG program, U4SSC and founding father of independent M2M operator W.T International. Under W.T. Group, you can also find him in several societies and as moderator in order to spread knowledge.

Marco Boerman (Allinq)
Marco Boerman (Allinq)

Marco Boerman has been responsible for business development within the Allinq Group for the last decade and is one of the founding fathers of  the FttX engineering company Yungo, which nowadays is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Allinq group. Besides Yungo he was also involved in several start-ups like Allinq Insite, Allinq Advanced Solutions and Allinq Digital. Before that he was director Mobile and FttS and closely involved in major roll-out programmes of FttH in the Netherlands within Schuuring, the company in which the cradle for Allinq lies. Before joining Schuuring/Allinq, he held management positions in Marketing and Sales at companies such as KPN and VolkerWessels Telecom.

Jeroen Meuleman (Geuzenet)
Jeroen Meuleman (Geuzenet)

Jeroen Meuleman is managing director and founder of Geuzenet BV. Geuzenet provides high-quality business connectivity solutions over 4G and 5G in the absence of, or in addition to, fiber connections. The company specializes in the installation and management of mission-critical 5G Fixed-Wireless Access (FWA) solutions ranging from a few to hundreds of locations. Its services are available in Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries.

Arnoud de Ridder (TINC/GlasDraad)
Arnoud de Ridder (TINC/GlasDraad)

Arnoud de Ridder is Investment Director at TINC, where he is responsible for the investments in Digital Infrastructure. This currently consists of investments in GlasDraad (FttH in the Netherlands), Datacenter United (colocation datacenters in Belgium) and NGE Fibre (FttH in France). Before joining TINC he worked for over 10 years at NIBC Bank in the Netherlands, where he was responsible for senior debt lending across different asset classes, including in recent years Digital Infrastructure across Europe. He has a Master in Financial Econometrics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Anco Scholte ter Horst (Freedom Internet)
Anco Scholte ter Horst (Freedom Internet)

Anco Scholte ter Horst started out as R&D Software Engineer in the medical devices industry. A few years later he became subsequently Head of Development and Sales Manager at XS4ALL, a Dutch ISP pioneer. Later, he started his own business. After twenty years as entrepreneur in different branches of industry, he joined a protest-group against the decision of KPN, the largest telecom operator in The Netherlands, to end the XS4ALL company. This protest led to the founding of a new ISP called Freedom Internet where he currently acts as CEO.


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welcome by moderator, Edwin Bijl

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status of fiber roll-out in the Netherlands, Mathieu Andriessen

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panel discussion


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